Where can I laugh in Cardiff?

Here are the places you can go to laugh in Cardiff, including everything from dedicated comedy venues to casual open mic nights.

Is this map missing out a comedy venue you know and love? Let us know in the comments and it’ll get added!



2 thoughts on “Where can I laugh in Cardiff?

  1. Third Thursday of every month Dolly Chicken Comedy brings you some of the best comedy in South Wales: ‘Fun at the Flute’ at the Flute and Tankard, Windsor Place. CF10 3BX. With house band Molly Katz and MC Anita Shaw.


  2. First Tuesday of the month. Crafty Laughs at the Cambrian Tap, St Mary Street, Cardiff.

    Shows start at 8:30pm and it is free show!

    Established in Sept 2015 this has been one of the most consistent regular nights in Cardiff – hosting new and established acts from first-timers to pro acts!

    Dates for 2017:
    Tues 3rd Jan
    Tues 7th Feb
    Tues 7th March
    Tues 4th April
    Tues 2nd May
    Tues 6th June
    Tues 4th July
    Tues 1st Aug
    Tues 5th Sept
    Tues 3rd Oct
    Tues 7th Nov
    Tues 5th Dec


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