Comedian’s Corner: Chris Chopping

Who are you?

I’m Chris Chopping, things go well for me when I remember that.

Describe your humour in three words.

Playful, wordy and self-deprecating.

Most embarrassing moment on stage?

My most embarrassing moment on stage was dying on my arse for 10 minutes at a gig in Southampton. The guy who booked me was sat at the front and he was the only one laughing. I couldn’t tell if he was enjoying my jokes or my discomfort.

Best compliment you’ve been given from an audience member?

An audience member once told me I look like Harry Potter if he was in the Rolling Stones, is that a compliment?

Worst job you’ve ever had?

The worst job I ever had was working in a call centre. Then they fired me. I don’t want to sound bitter buy I still talk about it most nights on stage. Apparently I’m not good at letting things go.

Snog, marry, avoid: Macaulay Culkin (the drug addict version), Nigella Lawson (the drug addict version), Honey GΒ 

I would snog Macaulay Culkin for the story, marry Nigela for the food and avoid Honey G. I had to google who she was but I’m not keen on sunglasses indoors.


Favourite Cardiff venue?

My favourite Cardiff venue is Drones Comedy Club at Chapter Arts Centre. It’s where I had my first gig and still my favourite place to try new material.

Why do you do comedy? (Oooh philosphical)

I do comedy because I’ve always loved making people laugh one on one or in a group, making a room full of people is even better. Plus if I have a microphone it’s harder for them to interrupt. Let’s not overanalyse what that answer says about me.

What’s your tipple?

I like red wine, good cider(not strongbow for starters) or rum and coke.

Where can we watch you be funny?

You can see me being funny as my various alter egos at Face 11 this money, Smoke and Mirrors Christmas Party in Bristol on the 19th and on Gwerthu Allan live from The Richard Burton Theatre on S4C, 9.30 5th January or catch up after on the S4C Website.

You can follow Chris on Twitter @MrChrisChopping