A Christmas message from Santa’s standby Sarah Breese

Sarah Breese bloody loves Christmas. She also bloody loves Cardiff comedy. As well as regularly co-hosting at Comedy Carousel at Cardiff’s Glee Club, she runs Odd Night Out which produces and promotes nights across South Wales. Sarah also recently performed stand-up for Made in Cardiff TV for Comedy Sheep and joked about how archeologists from the future would see her “as an 11-year-old boy from Primark”. It’s very funny.

As the above suggests, she is a very jolly lady. Therefore it seemed only right to grant her a festive message on Cardiff Comedy Hub this festive season:

“I bloody LOVE Christmas!

It’s not necessarily the presents. Because if you’re a comedian, surviving December is usually reward enough. But it’s been a hell of a year.

We’ve all seen gigs go well, gigs go badly. Unplayable rooms. Badly timed buffets. The dreaded raffle. Jokes going wrong, and brilliant comics turning it around. Jokes going right, and brilliant comics ignored anyway.

Car shares. Controversies. Cancellations. Competitions (because apparently we weren’t shitting it enough before gigs already). Solo shows with local acts smashing it on a whole new level, and familiar faces getting some (much deserved) national recognition.

Promoters running gigs for no money, no thanks, and sometimes, no audiences, but putting in the hours anyway because they’re legends.

And those lovely stupid bastards who come out in all weathers just to watch us tell jokes, whether we’ve finished writing them or not.

So, thanks, 2016. Cardiff comedy, you did great.

The rest of the world, on the other hand…

Merry Christmas you comedy fucks. xx”

If regular TV just isn’t doing it for you this festive season, you can catch up on Comedy Sheep’s stand-up here. It features Sarah as well as a handful of other brilliant Cardiff comics.

Merry Christmas to all you laughter-loving Cardiffians from Cardiff Comedy Hub! Have an alcohol-induced day of joy!


Glee Club criticised for not booking enough women

The Glee Club has come under fire for the number of female acts it books.

A Twitter spat has broken out between Glee, one of the UK’s most popular comedy brands, and two Twitter users criticising the lack of female comics it books.

The criticism was mainly levelled at the Birmingham Glee Club but general attacks were made on all Glee venues – which also include Cardiff, Oxford and Nottingham – for their lack of support for female comics.

The Glee account, which is run by Head Office in Birmingham, responded asking ‘Plashing Vole’ if they could suggest some female comics to book.

Then ‘What The Frock Comedy’, an account that promotes “brilliantly funny women”, got involved.

Glee defended themselves by saying more men than women go on comedy tours.

What The Frock Comedy said that’s because women “find it harder to break through”.

Glee said that they book women regularly, even from What The Frock Comedy.

After being contacted by Cardiff Comedy Hub for comment, James Allen, Manager of Cardiff’s Glee Club, said: “The disagreement was specifically about the touring shows we book. Those shows depend a lot on the availability of acts and their willingness to play our venue.

“This differs greatly to the way we book our weekend shows, where we’re happy to say we are able to book more female acts. Local act Sarah Breese is the co-host of our regular Comedy Carousel shows.”

He added: “This last year in Cardiff, we’ve managed to secure the touring shows of Luisa Omeilan, Bridget Christie, Sara Pascoe, Isy Suttie.

“There are nowhere near as many professional female acts as male acts at all levels of the industry but in the next 3 months we’re excited to have Jen Brister, JoJo Smith, Allyson June Smith, Angela Barnes and Bethany Black performing at our weekend, Christmas, and New Year shows. “

Comedian’s corner: Drew Taylor

Who are you?

Drew Taylor, Rhondda based stand up comedian.

Describe your humour in three words.

Observational, silly, rude.

Most embarrassing moment on stage?

I did a charity gig when I’d only been performing for about 2 months. The room was terrible for comedy and the audience really couldn’t have cared less if I was there or not, I died on my arse for 10 long minutes. But I learned far more from that than the gigs that went really well. It’s the bad ones that help you grow as an act.

Best compliment you’ve been given from an audience member?

“Can I have a selfie with you?” It’s only a subjective throw away request but it made me feel like a real comedian for the first time.

Worst job you’ve ever had?

I’ve been quite lucky with jobs really but during the summer, whilst at school, I used to deliver milk at 5am every day for £2.50 an hour. We used to ride on the back on the van and how I didn’t fall off at 30 mph going over bumps between stops is a mystery!


Snog, marry, avoid: Theresa May, Kay Burley, Wayne Rooney.

Umm, snog Kay Burley? (I don’t know who she is, so will be a nice surprise). Avoid Teresa May because I can’t warm to her in any way at all. And marry Wayne Rooney because he’s a bit older than me so it would be nice to have a rich sugar daddy I could play Fifa with.

Favourite Cardiff venue?

Glee at Mermaid Quay is of course a great purpose built club and always a pleasure to perform at but as far as regular venues that double up as a comedy club go, it has to be Porters. They have a great free entry night called Comedy Den that always has a great line up and just works really well for comedy (when it probably shouldn’t!)

Why do you do comedy? (Oooh philosophical)

I’ve always enjoyed making people laugh and if you can make a few friends laugh, you can make a room laugh. Comedy is great fun and anyone thinking of giving it a try should go for it!

What’s your tipple?

At the risk of sounding boring, just a nice cold bottle of lager.

Where can we watch you be funny?

Along with Steffan Evans and Col Howarth, I’m touring our show ‘Tales from Wales’ at theatres, arts centres and anywhere that will have us really through 2017. Check out my Twitter page for updates of where we’ll be and when! @drewtaylorlite