Comedian’s corner: Drew Taylor

Who are you?

Drew Taylor, Rhondda based stand up comedian.

Describe your humour in three words.

Observational, silly, rude.

Most embarrassing moment on stage?

I did a charity gig when I’d only been performing for about 2 months. The room was terrible for comedy and the audience really couldn’t have cared less if I was there or not, I died on my arse for 10 long minutes. But I learned far more from that than the gigs that went really well. It’s the bad ones that help you grow as an act.

Best compliment you’ve been given from an audience member?

“Can I have a selfie with you?” It’s only a subjective throw away request but it made me feel like a real comedian for the first time.

Worst job you’ve ever had?

I’ve been quite lucky with jobs really but during the summer, whilst at school, I used to deliver milk at 5am every day for Β£2.50 an hour. We used to ride on the back on the van and how I didn’t fall off at 30 mph going over bumps between stops is a mystery!


Snog, marry, avoid: Theresa May, Kay Burley, Wayne Rooney.

Umm, snog Kay Burley? (I don’t know who she is, so will be a nice surprise). Avoid Teresa May because I can’t warm to her in any way at all. And marry Wayne Rooney because he’s a bit older than me so it would be nice to have a rich sugar daddy I could play Fifa with.

Favourite Cardiff venue?

Glee at Mermaid Quay is of course a great purpose built club and always a pleasure to perform at but as far as regular venues that double up as a comedy club go, it has to be Porters. They have a great free entry night called Comedy Den that always has a great line up and just works really well for comedy (when it probably shouldn’t!)

Why do you do comedy? (Oooh philosophical)

I’ve always enjoyed making people laugh and if you can make a few friends laugh, you can make a room laugh. Comedy is great fun and anyone thinking of giving it a try should go for it!

What’s your tipple?

At the risk of sounding boring, just a nice cold bottle of lager.

Where can we watch you be funny?

Along with Steffan Evans and Col Howarth, I’m touring our show ‘Tales from Wales’ at theatres, arts centres and anywhere that will have us really through 2017. Check out my Twitter page for updates of where we’ll be and when! @drewtaylorlite