Glee Club criticised for not booking enough women

The Glee Club has come under fire for the number of female acts it books.

A Twitter spat has broken out between Glee, one of the UK’s most popular comedy brands, and two Twitter users criticising the lack of female comics it books.

The criticism was mainly levelled at the Birmingham Glee Club but general attacks were made on all Glee venues – which also include Cardiff, Oxford and Nottingham – for their lack of support for female comics.

The Glee account, which is run by Head Office in Birmingham, responded asking ‘Plashing Vole’ if they could suggest some female comics to book.

Then ‘What The Frock Comedy’, an account that promotes “brilliantly funny women”, got involved.

Glee defended themselves by saying more men than women go on comedy tours.

What The Frock Comedy said that’s because women “find it harder to break through”.

Glee said that they book women regularly, even from What The Frock Comedy.

After being contacted by Cardiff Comedy Hub for comment, James Allen, Manager of Cardiff’s Glee Club, said: “The disagreement was specifically about the touring shows we book. Those shows depend a lot on the availability of acts and their willingness to play our venue.

“This differs greatly to the way we book our weekend shows, where we’re happy to say we are able to book more female acts. Local act Sarah Breese is the co-host of our regular Comedy Carousel shows.”

He added: “This last year in Cardiff, we’ve managed to secure the touring shows of Luisa Omeilan, Bridget Christie, Sara Pascoe, Isy Suttie.

“There are nowhere near as many professional female acts as male acts at all levels of the industry but in the next 3 months we’re excited to have Jen Brister, JoJo Smith, Allyson June Smith, Angela Barnes and Bethany Black performing at our weekend, Christmas, and New Year shows. “